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Community Investments



The Community Bank believes that its strength is based on the philosophy that successful customers and communities create a successful bank, all in that order.

80% of the Community Banks profits are returned to the community through investments.


Before you submit an application, consider

  • Is the group/organisation a community-based non-for-profit ?

  • How can the group/organisation promote the Community Bank, assisting in increasing profits and community investment return?

  • Has the group/organisation already submitted an application? Only one application per financial year can be submitted.


Submit your application via our new online platform
Community Impact Hub Application Page 

Image Authority Forms


Deadlines & Submission Outcomes

Application Submission Deadline

Applications must be submitted by the last Friday of the month prior to the committee meeting.

For 2023, this is January 27March 31, May 26, July 28, September 29, and November 24.

For 2024, this is January 26March 29, May 31, July 26, September 27, and November 29.

The Committee meet to review submissions bimonthly; February, April, June, August, October and December.

Outcome Notification

Community Investment committee decisions are to be ratified at NorCen FSL Board Meetings, held on the last Monday of each month. 

Groups/organsiations will be notified via email of their application outcome within 7 days of the NorCen FSL Board Meeting. 


Please note: Depending on when applications are submitted, there may be up to a two month wait, so be sure to have applications in early to ensure an outcome on the application prior to when the funds are required.

Sponsorship Applications for Sporting Clubs: are to be submitted prior to the club's season commencing. e.g. football and netball clubs season that commences in April are to submit their sponsorship applications by January for the February Committee meeting.

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